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Hanging out around the UC Berkeley campus does not just mean Rasputin, yogurtland, and American Apparel – it means being lured in by the huge SALE sign posted outside of the Urban Outfitters on Bancroft ave. It was one of those days where class got out early - what better to do than walk home and do some homework? Well, apparently the will to do homework was not strong enough to ignore the “50% off all sale women’s items” sign. While shopping I came across a fun monopoly shirt for only 5$! My DIY senses were tingling so I decided to grab it.

Here is an extremely easy DIY project that only takes 5 minutes, scissors, a ruler, and preferably an oversized shirt. Like in the shoulder slash DIY post, this is coming from the book (the first two steps):
Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-shirt.

1. Lay the T-shirt flat and cut off the edge of each sleeve just above the hem. You can also cut off the bottom of the shirt just above the hem.

2. Cut out the neck band and try on the shirt, make sure the neck is scooped enough (the point is to have one side of the shirt slide off the shoulder). If the cut is not large enough, cut a little more around the circumference.

Being an addict to cinched waistlines, I decided to do just that – cinch it baby!

3. From the piece of fabric that came from the neck band, cut off just the hard hemline

4. If you have hole-anxiety, and don’t worry you are not alone, you might not want to do this step. Otherwise, cut two small holes equal distance from the edge of the shirt (just pinch with your scissors to make sure the hole isn’t too big).

5. Take the hemline scrap and feed it through the two holes from underneath the shirt. Put it on, tie the ends together, put on some leggings, and you’ve got yourself a relaxed and easy outfit to explore in.

Add a belt for some extra cinching!


Polina Polishchuk
BARE Reporter


  1. polina, you are amazing and beautiful!

    this is really cool

  2. "My DIY senses were tingling" -- Girl, you're hilarious.

  3. Omg frickin love it! A-mazing girl!