Jimmy Choo for H&M at Union Square

Roughly every six months, H&M partners with designers (who are unaffordable for most students) and creates garments that are true to the brand without breaking the bank. It’s nothing new – Target, JC Penney, Payless Shoes, and countless others have been on the collaboration train for quite some time. But what makes H&M stand out amongst the rest is the exclusivity by promising solely one shipment of the collection per collaboration. Thus, lines often go for blocks and within a matter of minutes they’re sold on eBay for double the price.

Today, the anticipated Jimmy Choo for H&M opened and it was nothing short of a spectacle.

Patient shoppers admiring the garments and accessories.

Being a veteran of the latest camping craze myself, I have decided to do a quick 101 on how to survive this madness only apt for true fashion diehards.

1. Go early. Though camping since dawn is unnecessary, it is smart to stand in line at least five hours before the line closes.

2. Come prepared. A bag with power snacks, water, blankets, and a tripod chair will help out tremendously. Lying on the bare concrete floor: not so chic.

Part of the line for the opening of the Jimmy Choo x H&M.

3. Drag a friend along. Switching places for coffee, using the restroom, or just a stroll is extremely refreshing. However, don’t being a group or you can aggravate a lot of people.

4. Know what you want. Memorizing the site with all your purchases mentally in your brain, you can filter out just what you need. When the rush comes, just grab what pops into your head.

The color coding system used (in attempt) to control the crowd.

5. Bring business cards! This isn’t just a chance to buff up you wardrobe but meet fashion freaks (like yourself!). Chances are you’ll be lining up with them on the next collaboration.

6. Be prepared for a natural disaster. When the mob rushes in, it’s a free-for-all. Grab everything in multiple sizes and think about it later in the dressing room.

Good luck! If you have any tips of your own, feel free to share.

Streetstyle coming soon!

John Kim

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