Pakistani Student Association Event Coverage

This Halloween, I had the pleasure of attending the Pakistani Student Association's event, "Ek Raath Hamarey Saath", a night of fashion, food, music, and local entertainment, that showcased designs from Pakistani designers Amir Adnan and Huma Adnan. The event was a fundraiser for the charity Islamic Relief, that works to provide relief in the form of clean water, food, healthcare, hygeine kits, and kitchen sets to displaced individuals in the region.

The event kicked off with a teach-in about the situation in Northern Paksitan featuring Dr. Munis Faruqui from the South & Southeast Asian Studies Department. After that, there was an a cappella performance by Kal ki Awaaz, a UC Berkeley group that performed four famous Bollywood songs. This was followed by a fashion show, presenting fifty-three looks from the Spring/Summer 2010 collections from the Amir Adnan and FNKAsia lines, designed by designers Amir Adnan and Huma Adnan.

The pieces in the collection blended traditional outfits and embroidery techniques with more modern fabrics and cuts. The traditional men’s sherwanee, was presented in a number of different shiny, luxurious fabrics. As a whole, the collection presents the craft of Orangi, Pakistan, where silk weavers have been perfecting their art for the past 400 years. Along with these luxurious silks, the collection is full of draped chiffons, bright colors, sparkling gemstones, metallic accents, and detailed embroidery.

Amir Adnan spoke with me about the target client for his line. He described how his client might attend multiple classy events all in one evening, and that his designs are meant for people who are out and about, trying to catch everything in one evening.

One of my favorite looks of the night was a kind of sunburst dress, made out of a shiny translucent chiffon draped over a coral colored dress underneath. The glamour and attention to detail in this dress was really apparent throughout the rest of the line, as well.

A question you may be wondering is why Pakistani designers would volunteer to fly halfway around the world just to help out at a fundraising event thrown by college students. Amir Adnan says that “apart from the political angles, we never get to see the other beautiful side of Pakistan”, and with the immense beauty featured in the looks presented, it is a beautiful side, indeed.

The event concluded with a performance by Nasaal, a Southern California band that mixes modern alternative rock with elements of their Pakistani heritage.

All photos taken by Pierson Rohr

Leslie Hamachi
BARE Reporter


  1. WOW this was wonderful coverage. These pictures breathtaking and it looks like it was a very wholesome event!

  2. the clothes are really amazing, looks like an amazing event!

  3. These photographs are beautiful. Good job with this posting, it's a wonderful read and so nice to see the beautiful things going on on this campus. I love that you showed both men and women fashion from the event. I absolutely adore the sun-like dress... so radiant!

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