A Perspective on Uggs

Dear Ugg Boots,

You have been a part of our lives for so long. You were destined to dominate winter comfort all over America after we shipped you over from Australia. Yes, you bestow comfort upon our weary feet, and yes, your touch is as warm as putting our feet in a furry, hibernating animal, but I regret to tell you our relationship with you must end. Through fierce winters, you have endured the harsh conditions to make us relaxed. Though I am grateful for your loyalty to us, once you appeared on women with short jean skirts in the scorching summer heat, our respect for you began to diminish. Soon, you changed from being an element of warmth and loungewear, to being a fashion statement - and a wrong one at that. You came in different shades of brown and various lengths, and even made the leap to vibrant colors – I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but suede is not meant to be Barney purple and stuffed with wool. You have changed Uggs, and we are afraid it is for the worst. Now we see you on preteen and teenage girls wanting to fit in with the rest of the preppy, popular girls in school. We do not know what to think of you anymore Uggs. Though it pains us to say it, perhaps you belong in Alaska, warming the feet of all those shivering people, away from tight jean skirts and teen angst. We have had a long lasting relationship, but we think it is time to separate from each other so we can find boots who I can appreciate. It was fun while it lasted Uggs. This is goodbye.

With Love,


Amaris Montes
BARE Reporter


  1. Couldn't have said it better myself! HAHA

  2. ahahha awww Amaris this is so funny!

  3. I think you can say the same for Converse All-Stars. The original black, navy blue, red, and white colors were great. The stripes, plaid, and other colors might have gone a bit too far. Anyways, this letter is hilarious!

  4. YES! It's about time. Thank you, Amaris.

  5. Agreed! It's for the cold, not to wear with a skirt! Hilarious post.


  6. Amaris,

    I'm so glad to see you on this blog for so many reasons. This post had me LOL-ing from the pits of Moffitt and THAT is no easy feat. Great job!

    Xoxo Seika

  7. THank you so much.

    This ugg thing has been bothering me for so long.

  8. hahaha i can't say how funny that was! love love love it!