Rain Rain… Come Again Another Day

With the rain in the forecast, we compiled a few of our favorite cold-weather essentials to help you be prepared and, as always, fashion forward. From whimsical umbrellas to embellished biker-esque gloves, here’re our current obsessions and our student-friendly alternatives to make sure you’ll be singing in the rain at any budget.

Hunter’s, $115 (Nordstroms)
Moschino, $100 (www.european-umbrellas.com)
Portolano, $75 (Saks Fifth Avenue)
Prada $435 (Bergdorf Goodman)

Budget -friendly
Target ‘s homage, $24.99
www.designtoscano.com, $24.95
Urban Outfitters, $34
Free People’s take, $35 (via shopbop.com)

Katie Grant
BARE Reporter


  1. Haha, Target's homage. Personally I would call a pair of Hunter's an investment because WOW, are they dry and the knee-high length is really flattering. Whereas my cheaper rainboots have fallen apart on me on the way to class.

  2. And they make me look like a Shetland pony.

  3. Maybe you should credit vogue on that image? You did take it directly from the magazine and then claim it as your own by saying that those are your favorite things ... way to have integrity Bare

  4. Please find the links to all the photos we have retrieved highlighted in red under the list. Thanks for your concern and if you have any further concerns, feel free to email me at karen@baremagazine.org