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Spotted by The SF Style

What I love about this stylish duo is how the blue and red colors of their outfits coordinate so well together. These guys take a cool graphic tee and a smart plaid shirt, then mix it up with accessories, great shoes, and of course, the man-bag, which only some can pull off with such attitude.

The boy on the left is wearing:
Krooked Skateboard White Hat
Urban Outfitters Fyasko Le Tour 84
Graphic Tee
Urban Outfitters Levi’s 511
Coated Rigid Jean Van’s Classic
Slip On

The boy on the right is wearing:
Urban Outfitters Koi
Heritage 1981 Drum Line
Plaid Shirt
Urban Outfitters Cheap Monday
Snug Shango Jeans
Zappos Fratelli

Just out of curiosity, what do you guys think about the man-bag? Personally, I think they're functional and stylish, and here are some I found that would perfect for school, shopping, or traveling:

Bags listed:
Urban Outfitters Levi’s
Canvas Messenger Bag
Heritage 1981
Buffalo Check Messenger Bag
Banana Republic Everyday
Nylon Twill Brief Bag

Photos assembled by Brittany Curran

Elizabeth Maxim
BARE Reporter


  1. As a man, I have noticed how comfortable European men, who are living in the US, are with man-bags. I think they are very practical.

  2. I'm glad that men can now carry bags. I always wondered what they would do with all their stuff -- and hate bulging pockets. Felt sorry for men before -- but not any more!

  3. I'm so pleased to see the plaids. Cool bags that make so much sense for men.