Street Style :: Rome

When Italian fashion is mentioned Milan always comes to mind for most. But Rome isn't to be counted out. Everything is so old and so beautiful, including the people--the beautiful, not the old. The area near the Spanish Steps is a haven for anyone looking for high fashion. It's also a hub for people watchers who simply want to catch some fashion eye candy as they sip a glass of vino rosso at a nearby trattoria.

Shalwah Evans
BARE Mentor


  1. Shalwah!! So happy you're posting from Roma!

    JD - they're effortless, but not smokeless! Wish they were. Anyway, so beautiful, you're right Shalwah!

  2. Yes the smoking is such a common thing. You'll be hard pressed to get a photo of anyone not smoking a cig. But you tend to overlook it because of the beauty of the city and its people.