BARE Magazine Issue 6 Launch Party :: Part 2

First Lady of San Francisco Siebel Newsom graced the cover of Issue 6.

As mentioned in a previous post, BARE Magazine staffers and fans celebrated the launch of our latest issue at Henry's Restaurant at Hotel Durant last Thursday. Here are a few shots I took of the party guests.

Jamie Lew and Jennifer Lee bring a friend to share in all the launch party goodness.
Hayley Penan and Nevin Rao flash their pearly whites for the camera.
Who knew politics and fashion collided? Looks like ASUC Senators Noah Stern and J.P. Shami did.
Jessica Schoefer, Michelle Lowe, and Nanxi Liu took this opportunity to boogie down in their patterned dresses.
BARE Staffers Lisa Park and Tina Chen both opted for black detailing in their outfits.

Do you see a friend in the crowd? Comment with his or her name. To see more photos I took of the event, please visit my personal blog. Want your own copy of the magazine? Order it here.

Brittany Curran
Assistant Blog Editor

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