Osborn Design Studios

Feeling wild? Step into a pair of these Safari Jazzies by Osborn Design Studios.

While going through my daily blog reading list, I came across a post highlighting the funky-cool shoe styles of Osborn Design Studios. This Brooklyn-based operation has created a line of jazz shoes ("jazzies") and boots ("booties") pattern lovers would die for. With equal amounts of brilliant color and intricate design, these shoes can brighten up any drab ensemble.

Dress up a basic cardigan and jeans outfit with the Mystic Bootie.

Check out Osborn Design Studios' full collection here. They're also available through OAK NYC and Stand Up Comedy.

Brittany Curran
Assistant Blog Editor

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  1. Omg, these are wonderful! They would look awful on me, but I could see them looking great on some ppl!