Oxford Circus Topshop

Shalwah Evans, BARE Magazine's mentor, was in London last week doing some holiday shopping. During her stay, she visited the flagship TopShop in Oxford Circus which she "considered one of the scariest stores [she's] ever been in". This flagship store not only features the regular items offered by TopShop, but also features a cafe AND a nail bar. Now that's what I call extravagant one-stop experience!

And here are some holiday inspiration, courtesy of TopShop display windows...
[All photos from Evans]

Karen Kwok
Blog Editor


  1. america, particularly SF and LA need more stores like this. while a lot of higher end shops have cafes and other amenities for their clients, i think it's sad that the masses miss out on this kind of special treatment from stores just because they can't spend money. i know that if there was an amazing latte waiting for me inside of h&m, i would kind of be obsessed with the idea of getting one before i shop.

    the UK is so inspiring! bring topshop to SF!

  2. Gosh this store looks like so much fun! It looks like a circus too! I absolutely LOVE the displays, they're just so funky and fun!