A Single Man :: Tom Ford

Tom Ford is, to say the least, multifaceted. He has left his mark at Gucci, dominated the men's luxury department, has become a poster-boy for eyewear, and sets his sights on his own womenswear line (which will be successful, no doubt). To add to the impressive resume, Ford can add himself as the director of a large-scale movie.

"A Single Man" is not another fashion documentary. Ford tests his creativity with a plot about an English professor coping with the death of a partner.

The trailer for "A Single Man"; V Magazine feature of the movie. Tom Ford shot the photograph himself. Credit: V Magazine

The movie will be released in limited theaters this Friday. What do you all think? Is Ford taking over the entrepreneurial spirit of (Kaiser) Karl himself?

John Kim


  1. I'm RIDICULOUSLY excited for this movie, ahhhh boys boys boys and tom ford ahhh! what could be better?! :D

  2. Proofread your stuff, yeah?

  3. Omg, seems wonderful! So many top actors, and the visual look is just beautiful, from those black and white scenes to the 60s color (like the little girl's green dress) so beautiful!

    Can't wait to hear/read/see more about this! Can't believe it's coming out this friday!

    LOVE Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, and so many of the others in this!