Street Style :: London

Holiday shopping on High Street, London

Shalwah Evans
BARE Mentor


  1. Love Love Love Love Love.

    I love the color contrast from head to toe! I see different textures and even patters, and needless to say, her hair is wonderful!

  2. she gives me inspiration for dressing on these cold cold days =)

  3. Gorgeous! You're right JonathanDeniol about all the textures and patterns! They meld so well together, she looks beautiful and so chic in the winter look.

    On another note, I have seen those shoes everywhere but I always wonder if they make your feet cold? Anyone know!? Seems like the open toe would!

  4. i think if you wear the right tights it should be ok... I bought these heat-tech tights from japan that keep my legs sooooo warm

  5. glad to see some great street style on the BARE blog.