For a while now, I have been hearing about e-readers and their alleged practicality, particularly Amazon's Kindle. Being an L&S student, the last thing I want to do after reading hundreds of pages a week is read another book. However, this technology has always kind of peaked my interest. When I saw this commercial during a TV veg-out session, I became kind of enamored with the idea of a Kindle. Because of this commercial, I have put it on my Holiday wish list (behind a new school bag and the Lady Gaga box set of course) and am kind of crossing my fingers that soon they will start making our textbooks available for Kindle so I can carry around a cute, sleek little techno-gadget instead of two bags full of clunky textbooks.

How do you feel about this cute commercial and e-readers in general?

Jordan Silver
BARE Reporter


  1. this commercial is cute and makes me intrigued at the idea of such a compact library of books. but personally i just LOVE the smell and feel of books!

  2. I love the vintage dress in the commercial. Anyone know where I can find that dress?

  3. My boyfriend just got this for me as a holiday present, and I love it! I am so, so excited that during commutes and travel I'll be able to have tons of books right there in one light eReader. It's great so far, highly recommend it!

    I'm just worried about getting too carried away and OVERordering books that it'll take me awhile to get to!

  4. Cute commercial, but I feel like there are a bunch of different e-readers available right now, with different books available on each. I'd rather wait it out for awhile until there's a clear frontrunner, a standardized format for e-books so it doesn't matter which reader you have, or both. Also the prices are a bit steep for the moment.

  5. This commercial's really cute. I was in a seminar my freshman year about books (like bookbinding, printing, etc.), and our professor brought in a Kindle. It's cool because the screen's NOT shiny. It's sort of matte like paper. It might be easier than carrying around textbooks (you can write notes and highlight things on it too) but I don't think I could ever own a Kindle and not a hard copy of, say, Lolita or Harry Potter.