Three Is a Charm, Two Is Not the Same

Looks like Mrs. Britney Spears is on to something with her latest hit “3.” After the song hit the airwaves, Gossip Girl had a “3” related episode that made some parents uneasy. And now, D&G joins the fun with their latest commercial for D&G Time. Things seems to heat up with gorgeous male model Johan Johansson and Teresa Dilger. Things became more interesting when Alexandre Gaillot joins what appears to be the beginning of a ménage a trois. The fun is interrupted by the woman’s mother.

The commercial was shot in Paris with art direction from designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Cyrill Guyot was the director for the risqué commercial. Time will tell if it will sit well with the public. Do you believe there is something morally wrong with the commercial? Apparently, “livin’ in sin is the new thing.”

Oh, and we recommend checking out Johan Johansson’s work at scoopmodels. You won’t be disappointed.

Jonathan Deniol Rodriguez
Managing Editor