Fall 2010 Men's Fashion Week :: Roberto Cavalli

A couple of looks from Roberto Cavalli's Fall 2010 menswear line.

The Fall 2010 menswear shows are underway in Milan and for me personally, it's one of my favorite ways to get inspiration for menswear. I usually have to funnel through a multitude of boring, black suits hung loosely on emaciated male models in order to find some real inspirations for interesting looks. One of my favorites this season (so far) is Roberto Cavalli. He mixes patterns, textures, and fits to create this sort of "militaristic glamour-punk" (really rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?) look. The conservative and military-style jackets embellished with metallic accents and bold patterns create a less serious approach to men's evening-wear. Additionally, I'm totally obsessed with the woven leather pants and leather boots combination. It's great encouragement for men who are afraid of wearing military boots. I can't wait to see how this collection translates into fast fashion next fall.

A few more looks from Roberto Cavalli. All photography courtesy of Coutorture.

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Jordan Silver
BARE Reporter


  1. To me, these kinds of collections look great on male models within the presence of a runway. However, the stand-out pieces that you spot do not translate well at the store, at least in terms of hanger appeal. Definitely inspiration worthy, but most men with money do not go searching for a leopard bomber with a fur trim to splurge on, but rather a smart suit (for near the same price). Until we all have that kind of money, let these inspirations serve us well! Just my thoughts!

  2. well that is why these rich men need fabulous gay stylists to make them wear things like this. i understand why men with that kind of money would spend that much on suits, but if i personally had that amount of money...i wouldn't buy the same thing over again.

    but i do appreciate this because i know that stores like h&m and zara who have more recently been experimenting with more androgynous menswear will make inexpensive interpretations of this collection.

    that being said, i don't know what else you would expect from a fashion show. most fashion shows SHOULDN'T, in my opinion, show wearable looks but show an outlandish direction that will in one way or another translate to the market.

  3. I want the second outfit. Like the whole thing. And I would wear it exactly like that.

  4. What are the latest collection of Roberto Cavalli this year? I've known Him as one of the best designer of mens clothing.