Grace Coddington on "The Martha Stewart Show"

Grace Coddington made her way over to "The Martha Stewart Show" on Monday. Video courtesy of New York Magazine.

As Vogue's most caring member, Grace Coddington definitely made herself known as a cat person in "The September Issue." But as her anticipated public appearance on Martha Stewart's talk show came, her fans were nothing but devastated. On Monday January 11th, Grace did not talk about her position in the fashion powerhouse. Instead, Martha did nothing but ask her a few mundane questions about her cat life.

"I had to find out more about the cats, not about the fashion," remarks Martha. It's a shame she didn't utilize the opportunity to ask the styling genius about behind-the-scenes tidbits. Grace, who rarely is seen doing appearances, made time in her busy schedule to merely show off a vintage silver cat pendant necklace. Not a good use of time if you ask me.

John Kim

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