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Do you sit in front of your computer, gazing into J. Bieber's chocolate-colored eyes and wishing to be his "number one girl"? If you're beyond your middle school years, the answer is probably a "no." Instead, do you wonder where he got his latest digs from? If so, you're in for quite a treat. VMan Magazine's upcoming "How to" issue shows you just that: How to Dress like a Pop Star. Out on newsstands this Thursday, the photo shoot includes the likes of Bieber, American Idol finalist Adam Lambert, My Chemical Romance's Gerard and Mikey Way, and Cobra Starship's Gabe Saporta. Take a look at these images from the shoot.

All photography by Mark Abrahams. Images courtesy of VMan Magazine.

Has the sight of The Beaver's adidas zip-up caused you to swoon? Tell us your tween heartthrob-related tales in the comments.

Brittany Curran
Assistant Blog Editor

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  1. I gotta say Bieber is tearing it up right now on the charts. Teen girls everywhere are tweeting about him...I don't think that is going to stop anytime soon! Like they say, it's "Bieber fever!"