Interior Inspiration

Inspiration can be found anywhere: down the street, around the corner, and even in your own apartment. It is a fact that your surroundings can influence and inspire your style choices. Not only can your clothing be styled to represent who you are, but your home can be styled in this manner as well. At BARE, we love to pass on great blogs that keep the inspiration alive.

Here are a few blogs that will get your interior design senses tingling:

Desire to Inspire features amazing photography from various interior designers.

Photo courtesy of Desire to Inspire.
Apartment Therapy will provide you with tips and tricks to facilitate your decorating journey.

Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

Decor8, like Desire to Inspire, has beautiful photography of beautiful spaces.

Photo courtesy of Decor8.

Whether you are looking to re-decorate or just want to look at great photography and design, enjoy these blogs while you are hiding out from this rainy weather.

What interior design blogs inspire you?

Polina Polishchuk
BARE Reporter


  1. More than ANYTHING, I take inspiration for fashion from architecture, furniture, and interior themes. I'm so glad you referred me to these cause, frankly, I was getting tired of the Judy Aldridge interior posts. THANK YOU!!!

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  4. I'm loving the first photo. It's a mix of classic and modern furniture in a contemporary style. Just gorgeous!

  5. The balance of colors in the second photo is gorgeous. Like a old to new transformation.