Plastic Surgery :: Our New Pop Culture?

The Hills' Heidi Montag before and after her most recent plastic surgery operations. Image courtesy of People Magazine.

By now most of us have heard about Heidi Montag and her new face and body. Headlines ring with titles such as “10 Procedures in 1 Day!” Whether this is a publicity stunt or Heidi is just trying to compete with the Britney wannabes of the world, plastic surgery is known to be one of the extreme methods that result from a constant obsession over looks. As Megan Fox and many other young stars know, plastic surgery can transform you from average to amazing, only sparing a few weeks of recovery time. However this epidemic is not only located in Hollywood; research conducted by Girlguiding UK has shown that 95% of 16-21-year-olds would change their bodies, 33% want to be thinner, and a 25% would consider cosmetic surgery. Does this mean that young women simply do not like the gym or are growing alarmingly more look-obsessed? Has the drive for perfection steered people away from simple healthy lifestyle changes to the quick fix of a 3 hour long procedure? This is by no means an attack on plastic surgery; it can do wonderful things for those who need it. Yet when young women who wear a size 2 are getting liposuction, it makes you wonder where society is heading. Yet one wonders if an era where the best graduation gift one can get is a nose job instead of a laptop is soon approaching.

Statistics as published in
The Independent.

Danielle Ciappara
BARE Reporter


  1. Great editorial! Argh! She's only what? 22 years old or so? It's so scary - what happened to natural youth being beautiful?

    I agree, plastic surgery can be great when used well... but this is too far, if all that's being said about HMontag is true...

  2. ugh unfortunately, anonymous, this is true. what bothers me SO much about this is how she completely whored herself out to people magazine in order to get the cover.

    i've never really minded heidi because she cleverly manipulated america's obsession with "celebrity" and used it to her advantage--and for that i give her credit. but now i think it's sad because she was cute to begin with and then she had some surgery to make her feel better about herself for whatever reason and she looked great! now she just went overboard. she looks like a puffy donut and i HOPE that her lack of talent means that girls don't look up to her and see this is a beauty ideal.

    anyways, i'm sad because i actually liked her and now she looks nothing short of terrifying.

    both people and heidi should be ashamed of themselves. sigh.

  3. Very true! What really bothered me about what Heidi did is that there are girls who look up to her because they adore the show so much. For girls or even teens to see plastic surgery as something that is necessary to be perfect is not sending the right message.

  4. She looked great in the first place. Bearing in mind the risks of surgery, I think people should wait until they are at least as old and haggard as me, before opting for the scalpel ;)