Rain, Rain, Go Away… Or Not?

Just about everyone in Berkeley has been experiencing a life a little more damp than usual lately. Many women may consider this a tad inconvenient since they have to put away their stylish suede boots. Likewise, the rain can especially be frustrating for men who find a stigma in wearing rain boots in public. I have come up with some chic alternatives for those who want to remain fashion-savvy (and dry).

For women: if you haven’t already noticed, almost everyone is wearing rain boots. Go buy a pair! You can go plain with ones from Hunter or Burberry, or fun with the ones that are sold at Target and Bancroft Clothing. The best part is that it’s an excuse to wear daring prints that you would be too sheepish to have on a blouse or dress. Also, be careful with your leather boots: leather may be waterproof, but it isn’t Berkeley-monsoon-proof. Water can eventually seep in through the seams of the sole and have you walking around in a slushy mess all day. Unless the brand made the shoe to be waterproof, do not assume it is. Second, embrace the trench! Trench coats, whether short or long, look good on any body type. Just look at how fabulous Audrey Hepburn looked in Breakfast at Tiffany’s in hers.

For men: Sperry’s are a wonderful alternative to rain boots and the classic Topsider looks good at any time of the year. The best part about Sperry’s is that they are meant for boating, so they are waterproof. This is no guarantee that your feet won’t get wet, but at least you won’t have any more moldy sneakers! Another big trend that I have seen is the pea coat. This, like the trench, has been a staple for years, but I think people underestimate its fashion-powers. It goes with just about any outfit: just throw it on with a tee and some jeans and you have updated your look from soggy to sophisticated.

And—all of this goes without saying—don’t forget your umbrella!

Danielle Ciappara
BARE Reporter

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