American Cancer Society Discovery Shop :: North Oakland

The Discovery Shop features tons of designer finds like these handbags.

The hardest thing to find on our trip to the Discovery Shop in Oakland wasn't cool clothes but the store itself. Located at 41st and Piedmont, we got off the 51 bus on Broadway and 40th (about a 25 minute ride from campus), walked down 41st street and reached Piedmont, where 41st apparently ended. After walking up and down the street wondering whether we somehow passed it, we called up the store and found out that 41st was one of those trippy streets that ends and continues somewhere else down the intersecting street (kind of like Berkeley's Parker and College). But don’t worry, just cross the street where the Starbucks is and then it’s right there.

Unlike the streets of the Bay Area, it's easy to navigate the store's interior. For frequent visitors there is a "new arrivals" rack (which is restocked almost everyday) and for the used clothing shy there is a "new and straight from the manufacturers" rack, which featured marked down clothing that still had their old tags -- many of them designer. We saw a lot of BCBG with steep markdowns as well as some beautiful Salvatore Ferramago shoes for only $10. Our biggest find was a $198 blazer re-priced at $12. For the extra thrifty, there is also a 50% off rack with reduced selected items from the store's women's, men's, children's, maternity, and plus sized clothing. In addition, the store also carries house ware, furniture, books, movies, shoes, belts, and purses.

According to its
Facebook fan page, the Discovery Shops recently received a huge designer donation, so the store's inventory may not always include such a high percentage of designer clothing, which is one reason to visit the store now if you do plan to visit. Another incentive to visit soon is that for the month of February, the Discovery Shop is having Daffodil Days, offering 10% or 25% off purchases for an entire month for every $10 or $25 donation to the store. Only a few weeks left of February left, so jump on the 51 and check out this awesome store for yourself!

As it says on their
website, the “American Cancer Society Discovery Shops help support the fight against cancer through the sale of high quality, gently used, donated material.” Since 1985 the Discovery Shop has been located in the Piedmont Shopping District, providing great deals to customers and benefiting the American Cancer Society. The shop is a great place for a thrift shopping pro or anyone looking for a good deal. While you are there, hop across the street and check out Piedmont Lane Antiques, a really cool antique store. Plus, it’s only two blocks from Fenton’s Creamery, so go treat yourself to some yummy ice cream after you score great deals!

BARE Blogger Miraya Berke shows off her thrift finds.

What Miraya liked most:
-$10 sequin blouse that I had to buy and now belongs in my closet
-Amazingly tempting assortment of purses
-Very friendly staff who didn’t mind us taking pictures and making a mess in the changing rooms

BARE Blogger Xiaoqian Lim got her hands on some interesting purses.

What Xiaoqian liked most:
- Bunch of unique $2 belts
- Lots of small sizes for shoes and clothing
- Easy to browse racks (that didn't overflow)
- Good quality clothing with no stains or holes

Check out the store for yourself! Here's their website, address, and hours:
American Cancer Society Discovery Shop
127 41st St. (between Glen Ave and Piedmont Ave) in North Oakland
Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 11am-5pm

Miraya Berke & Xiaoqian Lim
BARE Reporters


  1. deff going to check this out, thanks!

  2. Love Xiaoqian's blouse in the last picture. Reminds me of my mom's wear in the 80s, but I think it could be made so updated for today. Maybe with leggings or a cute skirt, some fierce shoes (of course).

    Nice review, love pictures!

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  4. I would love to go check out that lovely shop. Looks like a lot of fabulous stuff!