The Best of February

February sure was an exciting month for us at BARE blog. Our writers reported on everything from New York Fashion Week, Alexander McQueen, and Cal street style to strange art exhibits, plant-based burgers, and The Vagina Monologues. Here's just a taste of our best posts from the month of February. Click
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Current events: Nastia Voynovskaya discussed the flipside of fashion blogging. Brittany Curran critiqued Google's new fashion line. Danielle Ciappara described Burberry's attempt at 3D success, following the steps of Avatar. John Kim and Seika Iwao told of their adventures during New York Fashion Week, while Aimee Shimizu summed up designer collections in a single sentence. Jordan Silver paid tribute to legendary fashion designer, Lee Alexander McQueen.

Street Style: Grace Choi and Veronica Lee spotted Andrew in a bright red jacket on a gloomy day. Danielle Ciappara saw Anna soaking up the sun in a patterned dress. Polina Polishchuk caught Lauren in an adorable necktie and high-waisted skirt.

Trends: Ping Sicoravit discussed the virtues of the bow headband.

Stores: Polina Polishchuk made her way across the Bay to the Lia Kes New York opening in San Francisco, while Miraya Berke and Xiaoqian Lim reviewed the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop in Oakland and Sharks in Berkeley.

Art: Yael Levy explored works made from recycled materials, like doll parts and broken furniture, at the Reformed!: Found Object Art exhibit. Xiaoqian Lim bravely ventured through a grotesque series of pieces, including mice necklaces and live sculptures, at Works that Disturb the Moonlight. Kelsey Frazier made her way over to Ahmet Ogut's Exploded City exhibit to a model world of famous destroyed landmarks.

Music: Parris McKenley got down with The Thermals & Thao with The Get Down Stay Down in Lower Sproul.

Events: Amaris Montes had an evening of equal parts laughter and domestic violence awareness at The Vagina Monologues.

Food: Polina Polishchuk munched on plant-based burgers at Nature's Express.

What was your favorite post this month? Share with us in the comments.

Brittany Curran
Blog Editor

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  1. Awesome job, the posts have all been different and fun. Will keep reading for sure