Burberry Goes 3D

Going to a Burberry runway show? Don’t forget your 3D glasses! Image source.

Taking note of
Avatar's success, Burberry decided to put on the world’s first 3D fashion show in London this past Tuesday. The exclusive viewing of the show included a handful of high-profile editors and other fashion connoisseurs, all sporting the typical moviegoer eyewear of black rimmed wayfarer-style glasses. I’m sure the thigh-high crocodile boots and leather aviator jackets featured in the show looked all the better “comin’ at ya.” The show was quite a hit, and the trend is spreading—Fendi is shooting its Paris presentation in 3D for storefronts and special events.

So while it looks as though 3D is the new frontier, one has to reminisce on the days back in the 90's when 3D episodes of primetime television shows were all the rage. It is doubtful that this trend will last in the ever-changing fashion world, but it is quite a novelty while it lasts. Can you imagine these glasses as a must have in the Prada purses of fashion's elite? I, for one, am hoping that this will make its way into the new Sex and the City movie.

Danielle Ciappara
BARE Reporter

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  1. I love it when designers do little novelty things like this in their shows!

    But, Danielle, I don't know how appealing a 3d Sara Jessica Parker sounds to me.... just sayiiiin'.