A Google Fashion Line?

Download complete. Google has now taken over your closet. Image source.

Seriously. Google's internet reign has now extended to your wardrobe. The search engine and overall cyber giant debuted its first fashion line last Friday for Vogue and the Council of Fashion Designers of America's annual fundraising event. Comprised of his-and-her t-shirts, a knitted scarf, and a magnifying glass necklace, the Vogue/CFDA Designer Collection was created by emerging designers Gary Graham, Ohne Titel, and Waris. The designers took inspiration from anything Google-related, including its logo, technology, and products. Now, even your most oblivious friends can see you standing three feet away in your red arrow-adorned, Google Map-inspired tee. No directions required.

Brittany Curran
Assistant Blog Editor

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  1. How weird! This reminds me of when Walmart debuted their fashion line - something just doesn't click between Google and fashion...