(My) New York Fashion Week :: Thursday, February 11

7:30am. Tired, but excited for the week to come, Nancy (BARE Co-Creative Director) and I board our plane and meet with Liz of Late Afternoon, who by chance is on the same flight and sits directly next to Nancy.

4pm. We land in New York and split a cab into the city. After dropping off Liz, Nancy and I head over to the
Refinery 29 office to grab associate blog editor (former BARE Editorial Director) Connie Wang’s keys. We will be staying with Connie and Fiona Mehta (now at Oak) for the week!

8pm. Nancy and I head to our first show,
Erin Wasson x RVCA at ABC Carpet & Home.

Four looks from the Erin Wasson x RVCA show. Images courtesy of Style.com.

The idea of seating almost non-existent, guests sat on piles of rugs, toppling each other to get a view. Regrettably, what the crowd felt in lack of comfort
wasn’t made up for by the collection. Wasson presented floor-length t-shirt dresses and t-shirt jumpers in mostly white, gray, and beige, dark brown Croc-Moccasin mash-up shoes that I can’t imagine were created for anything, but the sole purpose of being intentionally ugly, and a myriad of unremarkable pants. To complete the looks, Wasson threw in a couple of random berets, white tights, thick beige socks, and fingerless gloves. The best pieces of the collection came from the asymmetrical and distressed cardigans in white and beige, and the belts and jewelry were fantastic. To be fair, the collection delivers what will inevitably be ‘cool’ in the fall and if you’re into that, hop on the wagon. The bright side to a rather underwhelming experience? Yeasayer played, Lakshmi Menon walked, Joe Zee sported Adidas, and Ke$ha did not wear pants.

9pm. Miraculously, Connie gets Nancy, Fiona, and I into the
LnA after party at the Milk Gallery where Patti Smith and Metric (!!!) will be playing.

Patti Smith performed at the LnA after party.

Metric also took the stage at Milk Gallery. Photography by Zac Sebatian via Refinery 29.

As soon as we get in, I realize my geeky-fan-girl avatar has turned on and everyone else is much cooler than I am, i.e.
Agyness Deyn, Daria Webrowy, Leigh Lezark, Cory Kennedy, The Cobrasnake, Harley Newton, Josh Harnett, Ryan Gosling, and the list goes on.

British model Agyness Deyn (left) made an appearance at LnA.

Model/DJ/It Girl Harley Newton (left) at the LnA after party. Photography by Zac Sebatian via Refinery 29.

However, it
doesn’t stop me from dancing until my feet feel like I’ve been stomping on a bed of nails. But how can you NOT dance when they play this?

Lessons learned: 1) Do not underestimate the subway. It is an easy and affordable way to travel. If the walk is 10-15 minutes, it can be a better choice than taking the subway. 2) Fashion shows start 30 minutes after the listed time.

Seika Iwao
PR-Events Director


  1. Love this write-up! Can't wait to hear more!

  2. Looks like you had an awesome time! Huge thanks to Connie for hooking it up for BARE.

  3. wow! looks like so much fun. also - metric is AMAZING!!!

  4. i'd be going crazy in that party. sounds super fun.

  5. ah agyness deyn! she's my absolute favorite!!! and of course who can't resist party in the usa?