New York Fashion Week :: Day 2

Day 2 was a little more lax, but definitely just as nerve-wrecking as the first. To be honest, since I was a bit hungover, I decided to take a cab to Chelsea for the Wayne presentation. Though the turnout wasn’t the biggest, the clothes were more than satisfactory. The studio was set up intimately, with benches so everyone had a front-row experience. The clothes were the epitome of cool. With the emergence of sweats as streetwear, I haven’t really seen anyone other than Alexander Wang perfect this look. For Wayne, the fabric choice became secondary to the genius slicing of drapes and panels. Sloth is the new luxury.

A couple of looks from Wayne.

After some cruising by the area, I went to
Preen, the most anticipated show of our trip. The show was held at Milk Studios, which became the new hip alternative to Bryant Park. Everything’s smaller, more intense, and private. There were only about two hundred seats, which shifted the focus of the show from the audience to the actual clothes. As I managed to grab a second row seat, I was so happy to see floral done right and intimates being exposed as they should. Florals should no longer be about a girl frolicking in a garden, but about adding depth and darkness into your outfit (if possible). Bras were exposed, and even celebrated, making us question if anyone is as bold and ferocious to wear that in the streets of Berkeley. The magnificent gown model Iris Strubegger was wearing near the end was breathtaking and made us question the visible bra taboo.

Three looks from the Preen runway. Images courtesy of

A great polish to the outfits were the
Nicholas Kirkwood heels. They will be all over editors’ feet next fashion week.

One such pair of Nicholas Kirkwood heels that graced the Preen runway.

And I had to stalk my favorite blogger,
Julia Frakes. I LOVE YOU JULIA!

Unfortunately after the show, I barely had any energy left to wait for hours at the tents for the last show. I’m sure they carried on without me.

John Kim


  1. Oh yeah, those shoes will be everywhere in the magazines this fall! They're so wearable, but different with the heel and platform, almost like the heel is sliding right off! Do hope that thing is stable!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you got to go to Milk Studios, not only Bryant park. Great coverage, John :D