New York Fashion Week :: Day 3

Day 3: Of course I get up late for my first show and as soon as I can hail a cab, I’m dashing through subways and avenues to get to The Mercedes Benz Tents. I get to the Edition by Georges Chakra show 30 minutes late, usually the time a show actually starts anyway. Escorted to the back of the back of the standing, I’m glad I got there just as the lights dimmed. Phew.

But as I caught my breath, I was starting to regret my $15 cab ride, for the looks were a bit mediocre. Yes, the clothes were wearable pieces for old ladies who can afford them. No, they were not a new take on black and metallic as I had hoped. While the front row of buyers might have had a hoot from the sensible pieces, I give it an “E” for effort.

A few looks from Edition by Georges Chakra. Images courtesy of WWD.

After a quick tour of the New York Public Library (which happens to be right around the corner from the Tents!), the
Academy of Arts show was next. Every year, a highly selective group of graduating seniors from the Academy of Arts in San Francisco get their one chance to make a lasting impression. Think Project Runway, except these guys have actually had to work for this experience. From start to finish, there wasn’t an outfit I didn’t like… and the fact that they hired respectable models didn’t hurt.

My favorite designer would have to be Steven Oo, a Cal alum. Knit is one of those things that is difficult to make an impression with. However, Oo creates sculptures from these knits and makes us reevaluate the boring shapes of the past. Why are we not more innovative when it comes to wool? When has it become taboo to make it just as cool as jersey fabric? Oo debunks these myths by adding spikes and texture. Genius.

Steven Oo's knitwear collection for the Academy of Art show. Images courtesy of WWD.

Cal alum, Steven Oo makes his knitwear debut at the Academy of Art show.

Twinkle by Wenlan was the final show of the day. Designer Wenlan Chia definitely put up a good fight. She offered a 45 look collection, which provided a huge variety to a girl’s everyday wardrobe. Mainly sticking to short dresses with tights, there were occasional mixes with scarves and hoodies. Though I would definitely recommend pairing actual coats and socks for the fall, these Twinkle pieces would look great for that party reveal (you know, when you take off your jacket when you arrive at the party).

A few pieces from the Twinkle by Wenlan collection. Images courtesy of WWD.

It’s refreshing to get a day where you don’t have to go back and forth between Chelsea and the East Side to catch shows. Here’s to Bryant Park!

Oh BTW, I went inside of an igloo!

I spy a giddy editor-in-chief. It must be the runway high.

A little late coming into the game? Here's John's account of Day 1 and Day 2 at New York Fashion Week.

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