Noise Pop Festival's Pop 'N Shop

With everything from music and art to clothing and jewelry, the Noise Pop Festival is going eighteen years strong. Since I was a newbie to the festival, I had no idea what to expect as I entered The Verdi Club in San Francisco to attend Noise Pop's Pop 'N Shop independent design fair. Once inside, I was welcomed by jewelry, t-shirts and art galore. The facility was made up of Bay Area designers and artists, whose works are sold either online or in their own small shops.

Sora Designs was just one of the jewelry lines on display. Photography by the author.

One of the jewelry lines that caught my eye was Sheryl Gould's Rock Candy, which is made up of mostly brass and copper pieces. Her collection included earrings with dangling middle fingers and wine glasses as well as a handcuff-embellished necklace. Other designers specialized in reusing materials, as seen in Biana Kitt's Lookwhatimade line. With guitar pick earrings, necklaces made of cut up hotel and credit cards, and recycled metal pick necklaces, the line is truly innovative. Sora Designs jewelry line has unique, vintage-inspired pieces, including vintage rose rings, an elephant chain locket, and chunky, feminine floral necklaces. With prices starting at $12 and up, all of these designers understand affordable fashion.

Various screen-printed t-shirts decked the passage ways at Noise Pop, exemplifying Bay Area flair. As I walked into the club, an outgoing, curly-haired guy named Andy urged me to take a look at his screen-printed t-shirt line,
San Franpsycho. As he attempted to sell me his pieces, he won me over by saying that he would screen print his San Franpsycho stereo print onto a pair of boy short underwear right in front of me. As he went to work making the screen print, he explained how he began as a party company that threw raging events three years ago, while he made clothing on the side. Since he started a year ago, he makes all of his pieces in his basement and allows people to bring their own artwork to make new screen prints. His girlfriend resided in the next booth over with her own new screen print design company, Lock Nest. Next to her booth was her friend’s jewelry company which included feather pieces with gold mixed in. Their story is a unique one: they all live in one home in the city and operate in collaboration. I ended up buying the boy shorts and a purple American Apparel wife beater screen printed with a girl with a bowl cut and a Michael Jackson-esque glove.

Beaded lighter, anyone? Look no further than Shana Astrachan Jewelry.

With bartenders mixing drinks and classic rock and indie playing as I shopped,
Pop N’ Shop was a great way to spend an afternoon. There were vinyl recycled notebooks and beaded lighters, making it a great place to find one-of-a-kind pieces. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the many Noise Pop film screenings and live band performances all over San Fransisco, but Noise Pop has not seen the last of me.

Amaris Montes
BARE Reporter


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