An Old Man’s Sweater :: The Perfect Complement to Any Outfit

Miraya's great uncle Milt’s sweater from his travels to Ecuador with her dad.

When the Berkeley wind is brisk or I’ve been up studying all night for a midterm or I just feel like dressing in something cozy, I always grab a big sweater to complete my outfit. A nice, fuzzy, old sweater looks good with leggings, jeans, or even a skirt or dress. Black with gold buttons or a bright pattern, each sweater is unique and special. But a real old man’s sweater is more than just a fashion statement - it holds sentimental value.

I used to always admire my great uncle’s sweater collection, which included vintage Lacoste, alpaca wool from Ecuador, and many other warm pullovers. After he passed away, I asked my aunt if I could have one of his sweaters to remember him by; she gladly gave me three, which I treasure dearly. Each day I wear one of his old sweaters, I picture my great uncle Milt wrapping me up in a hug. As a stroll into class, I feel confident, knowing Milt is there with me. I feel that in Milt’s “presence,” nothing can stand in my way. Just a few weeks ago my grandpa passed away. The only thing I requested was one of his sweaters. My dad gave me a beautiful brown sweater and I know when I wear it, my grandpa Dan will be here with me, just like Milt is when I wear his old sweaters.

Sure, you can find cute sweaters from Goodwill or other thrift stores, but they just aren’t the same. Ask your grandpa, uncle, or dad for one of their old sweaters. As soon as you slip it on, you will understand what I mean. Safely wrapped in the warmth of the wool, you will feel as though your relative is holding you tightly and keeping you from harm. While thrift sweaters still fulfill the fashionable aspect of an old man’s sweater, to complete your wardrobe you need at least one sweater from an old man you know and love.

Miraya Berke
BARE Reporter

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