Opening of Lia Kes New York in San Francisco

Last Thursday Lia Kes New York opened its San Francisco location.

The high level of energy buzzing through the grand opening of the Lia Kes boutique in San Francisco was apparent from across the street. Inside, stylish guests from around the Bay Area admired the beautiful clothing, mingled with fellow fashion-minded people, and enjoyed a variety of wines, champagne, and hors d'ourves.

Lia Kes, who is originally from Israel but has lived in New York since 2000, has recently made the cross-country move to San Francisco. The event on Thursday night was to celebrate the opening of her new boutique that is sure to attract many fashionable visitors. Her clothing has been worn on many red carpets, and has many famous fans, including Kate Hudson and Angela Basset.

Image of the Lia Kes store, courtesy of SF Indie Fashion.

Models showed off Lia Kes' designs throughout the opening.

Walking through the store, it was difficult to classify the designer’s pieces into one category because of the endless versatility. Pastels, bolds, shiny blacks, and deep whites lit the store up with color. From feathers to silk to zippers to leather, everyone at the event was able to find something to fall in love with. Not only did statuesque models stroll through the store to show off Kes’ marvelous dresses, patrons were trying on their favorite designs all night, showing that this designer does not just cater to the size 2 sample like so many do.

Surrounded by the radiant clothing and visitors who were trying on the attire, I became eager to partake in the action as well. The charcoal dress on the hanger spoke to me right away; the puffy sleeves, high boat-neck, open back, and exposed zippers were all calling out for me to try it on. Knowing that my strict college budget would not allow me such a treat on this night, I walked into the fitting room telling myself that this is “just for fun.” Needless to say, I loved the dress. The material felt light, and the zippers mixed with the elegant silhouette gave it a perfect combination of edginess and sophistication. As much as I loved it, I knew I could not afford the dress so I said my goodbyes and put it back.

From left: BARE Blogger Polina Polishchuk tries on her new charcoal dress by the designer; Lia Kes (right) with Jasmine, her PR agent; a feathered piece from the collection.

Later in the evening, I finally had the honor of meeting the fabulous designer. I told her I had questions for her to share with BARE readers. In response she softly told me that for 6 years she was in the background of her business; hiding behind her computer and design studio. She was then convinced to finally “become the face of her business” and represent what she loves. My thoughts were simply, why not!? She is beautiful!

Finally, as I am about to leave, Lia explains to me that she knows what it is like being a student with limited funds, and gives me the charcoal dress for an amazing price that I could not say no to. Needless to say, now this dress is the most fabulous article of clothing in my wardrobe.

The night was filled with beautiful clothing, beautiful people, and of course, Lia, whose amazing personality and passion for the work she does shows in the final product. If you want to treat yourself, visit the Lia Kes boutique, located on 3024 Fillmore Street. This down-to-earth designer has created apparel that any type of woman will enjoy. The magnificent dresses, blouses, and anything else you are looking for will not disappoint you as you browse the racks of this chic shop.

Stay tuned for an interview with the designer!

Polina Polishchuk
BARE Reporter


  1. the clothes and the interior of the store look really great! i can't wait to go check it out on my next SF trip! i <3 your posts, polina!!

  2. Omg Polina that is amazing! Not only do you have a fabulous beautiful dress, but it also has such a one-of-a-kind story to go along with it too! Thanks for posting this - look forward to the interview!

  3. The collection looks truly unique. Thanks for bringing this new oasis of elegance to my attention. I shall stop by indeed.

  4. I love this article so much, it was an amazing read!!! This was such an interesting story. Definitely a great story, btw its estef!!!
    love your stuff!!!!

  5. I noticed that Lia Kes closed her boutique in San Francisco!!! In addition, her web site is under constant reminder: will return soon. What happened? I am a true admirer of Lia's sense of style and her fashion line. Does anyone know when she is coming back?