Outfit Additions Accessories Giveaway Contest

It is common knowledge that a simple outfit can be spiced up with a few simple accessories. Outfit Additions fashion accessories helps do just that. Using our lovely BARE staff and a friend as an example, here are some accessory ideas anyone can use on a day when their simple shirt and jeans just aren’t cutting it – or, any day, for that matter.

BARE Blogger Gina Harris is wearing a Bohemian Blue Silk Fabric belt and Midnight Blue Silk Fabric clutch.

Creative Director Jordan Silver is wearing a Fleur de Nuit Black Silk Fabric belt and Persimmon Orange Silk Fabric wallet.

BARE Blogger Polina Polishchuk with a Pink Daisy Fabric belt as her purse strap and Persimmon Orange Silk Fabric wallet.

Student Estefania Pino is wearing the Bohemian Blue Silk Fabric belt as her coat strap and Midnight Blue Silk Fabric clutch.

These accessories can best be described as bohemian, earthy, and relaxed. Use them as an effortless addition to your outfit.

San Francisco Bay Area readers: in a comment, post how you would wear the item(s) of your choice and your email to enter our Outfit Additions Accessory Giveaway Contest! Don’t be afraid to get creative – a concept to be used in all of your style choices.

Also, give Outfit Additions your feedback about their products, including their women's belts and women's wallets, by filling out a short survey. It's only twelve questions long and takes less than five minutes to fill out.

Polina Polishchuk
BARE Reporter


  1. Our BARE Staff looks wonderful! You're all so pretty!!

    Really cool belts too.

  2. I really like the Midnight Blue silk clutch.

    I guess I would wear it to go out, maybe with a strapless dress. I think the midnight blue would go well with black.

    Gina looks so good with the clutch and belt already! I think she looks very elegant and that's a great way to wear the accessories.

    Ps. accessories are so important I've realized, trying to collect now!

    pps. I guess I'll enter the giveaway! But, is there no way to make that private? Could we maybe email to an address instead (rather than posting it publically!)

  3. Thanks for noticing that Doreen!
    contestants: you can email me at polinkap@berkeley.edu with your information.

  4. Polina, I loved how you used the belt as a purse strap!

  5. ugh.. you guys are beautiful stop it now.

  6. These r so cute! Definitely would be great additions to my closet. Hope I win haha

  7. I would so love to have that pink silk belt and further accesorize it with some handmade silk and organza flowers for a really indulgent and feminine look.
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com