Go green and make a difference with BARE Magazine on February 26, 2010 at Cal Recreational Sports’ annual PLAYgreen Festival.

With exhibitors from Klean Kanteen and Whole Foods Market to CAL Environmental Team and Calsol, PLAYgreen and thousands of other UC Berkeley students will celebrate a greener lifestyle.

BARE Magazine will take part in this green experience with do-it-yourself presentations and a fashion show. Furthermore, BARE will be facilitating
Bring a Tee. Save a Tree. Make a Difference, where in exchange for a new, organic Anvil T-shirt, two of your old T-shirts will be donated and recycled to create ARCH Paper. Additionally, Anvil will be distributing 500 Organic T-Shirts to the Berkeley Homeless Men’s and Women’s shelter.

Be sure to support a greener environment next Friday with BARE Magazine and Cal Recreational Sports.

We hope to see you there!

Patricia Kim
Public Relations Director


  1. Good job participating, BARE. But the link is broken! fyi.

  2. i'm really excited for this event! it sounds like donating a t-shirt is the perfect way to to relieve oneself of all the guilt he/she feels for not giving money to the homeless people on telegraph =x

  3. Everyone try to make it out around 3PM to see our fashion show!