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While most Berkeley students are familiar with Mars, the vintage store across the street from Rasputin on Telegraph, fewer students are aware of Sharks. Run by the same owners as Mars, Sharks is just a few blocks away and is filled with tons of great vintage finds.

While it is much smaller than Mars, Sharks maximizes its space by fitting as many items in the shop as possible. The walls are packed and the racks are cramped, making browsing slightly difficult.

Sharks is definitely the place to buy ridiculous costumes when you're on a budget. The clothes all have an old flair and are very colorful. The dress selection is fantastic, although there are mostly long dresses and not enough smaller sizes. There is also a whole rack of sparkly tops, which are great for parties. They have shoes, belts, and hats as well, and some purses, although not too many. There is also a $3 and $5 rack and even a $1 bin, with many t-shirts that would be great for
DIY projects.

Men can shop at Sharks, too. In fact, menswear makes up at least half of the store’s inventory. Flannel, sweaters, blazers, and pants are plentiful. Their flannel selection for both men and women is rather fantastic. If you are looking for a cozy flannel for cold days, a unique outfit for an invite, or a hip hat, Sharks is the store for you.

What Miraya liked/disliked most:
- Sequin tops
- New tights and tutus
- Neon sweaters

What Xiaoqian liked/disliked most:
- Pretty vintage items, although some had stains or holes
- Difficult-to-find small sizes
- Lots of brightly colored clothing

Check out the store for yourself:
Sharks is located at 2505 Telegraph Avenue (between Blake & Dwight). They're open Monday-Saturday 11am-7pm and Sunday 12-6pm.

Miraya Berke & Xiaoqian Lim
BARE Reporters

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  1. Dude, great review! I had no idea Sharks and Mars have the same owner, what?! So awesome to hear what they "specialize in" -- great review!