What Muse Are You? :: Jean Paul Gaultier for Target

A few looks from the Jean Paul Gaultier for Target collection. Images courtesy of FabSugar.

I always feel a little iffy when I hear designers are making affordable lines for department stores. They usually consist of interview-worthy pieces that you would never wear outside of the office. Yet
Jean Paul Gaultier’s line is a little different from what was expected and kept the creativity within the seams of his clothes for Target. His idea for the line was something similar to what Anna Sui did with her Gossip Girl collection, which has specific looks and pieces to go with it. The punk, Hollywood glam, ingĂ©nue, hip hop, and rock n’ roll “muses” all sport pieces that put a fresh face on bargain clothing. From what I have seen on the website and the “looks video”, the line looks promising, for the quirky Gaultier that we know and love has definitely set the bar for what wallet-friendly designer clothing should look like.

For those who didn’t know, Jean Paul Gaultier is a famous French designer who started his career working for Cartier. He introduced the kilt for men’s fashion, which is being seen even in today’s runway shows. He is also famously known for working with Madonna and creating most of the outfits she wears on tour. Although we will not be seeing any cone-shaped bras, there are some Madonna-styled pieces (along with a look-alike model). This line will be launching March 7th, so check it out and find out which muse you are!

Danielle Ciappara
BARE Reporter

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  1. so so disappointed in this collection. i think it looks painfully cheap and unflattering. i used to think diffusion lines were a great idea but they continue to disappoint. jean paul gaultier is one of my favorite designers and artists but it hurts to even look at this collection...if you could even call it that. blegh.