ASUC Elections 2010

The ASUC elections are about to get into full swing as voting approaches April 6-8. So as you are walking down Sproul the next two weeks, make sure to look your best because there will be many people to impress. Plus, everyone wants your vote, so you will be guaranteed a few compliments from the eager candidates and campaign managers. If you think Sproul is crazy on a normal school day, think again. ASUC elections are a whole new level of chalk, hand bills, and poster boards.

Here’s a brief scoop on the ASUC executive slate for each party. The four executive positions are President, Executive Vice President (EVP), External Affairs Vice President (EAVP), and Academic Affairs Vice President (AAVP). Remember, you don’t have to vote for the whole slate. Just vote for each candidate individually. You will also be voting for Student Advocate and Senate; there are 84 students running for Senate, so choose carefully.

From left: Noah Stern, Nanxi Liu, Bundit Kertbundit, and Yoori Chung. Photograph courtesy of Student Action.

Student Action has selected a stylish bunch for their 2009-2010 executive slate. Noah Stern, a current ASUC Senator and the Student Action candidate for President, can often be seen in a snazzy button down shirt or stylish sweater. Nanxi Liu, the EVP candidate, always dresses the part. I tend to see Bundit Kertbundit, who is running for EAVP, in my economics class decked out in a suit, which is pretty sweet if you ask me. And Yoori Chung, candidate for AAVP, has a great smile, which perfectly complements any outfit. Fashionably, it seems you can’t go wrong with these four!

From left: Ricardo Gomez, Lean Deleon, Viola Tang, and Eunice Kwon. Photograph courtesy of CalSERVE.

CalSERVE is the other major ASUC party at Cal and has a highly experienced executive slate up for election this year. Eunice Kwon, a current ASUC Senator, is the CalSERVE candidate for President and looks quite stylish in a blazer. Lean Deleon, also a current ASUC Senator, is running for EVP and rocks his long locks. I am loving the tie on Ricardo Gomez, the candidate for EAVP. Viola Tang, another ASUC Senator, is running for AAVP and looks simply stunning in green.

From left: Rebecca Power, Max Ebert, Chad Kunert, Brett Hallahan, and Sarah Jeong. Photograph courtesy of The Daily Californian.

SQUELCH! provides the humor in the ASUC elections. With Chad Kunert for President, Brett Hallahan for EVP, Max Ebert for EAVP, Sarah Jeong for AAVP, and Emily Carlton, current ASUC Senator, for Student Advocate, there is sure to be a plethora of jokes and laughs. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

From left: Maria Belman, Talya Hezi, and Jonathon Brooks. Photograph courtesy of The Daily Californian.

DAAP, which stands for Defend Affirmative Action Party, are fighting for civil rights. The DAAP candidates are Talya Hezi for president, Maria Belman for EAVP, Damien Anderson for AAVP, and Jonathon Brooks for Student Advocate. The four are also all running for Senate. If elected, DAAP plans to take a more active role in student’s advocacy efforts. Jonathon, who is in my Theater class, recently acted in the school production of Slaughter City and was fantastic.

From left: Jessica Smith, Mandy Cohen, and Shane Boyle. Photograph courtesy of The Daily Californian.

UCMeP, or UC Movement for Efficient Privatization, executive slate is made up of Berkeley grad students. It seems that Mandy Cohen, who is running for president, Shane Boyle for EVP, Brandon Woolf for EAVP, Jessica Smith for AAVP, and Daniel Marcus for Student Advocate, are trying to give SQUELCH! a run for their money. It appears there is no limit for jokes in the ASUC election.

Chris "FRO" Franco is one of several Independent candidates running for an ASUC position.

But the fun does not stop there, many students also run as Independent. These Independent candidates do not associate themselves with any party and therefore can vote and act freely if elected, instead of basing their decisions off of party standards. For President as Independent we have Josh “Abolish the ASUC” Weil. Running for EVP is current ASUC Senator
Chris “FRO” Franco, who is easily recognized by this fro. Rebecca “MAX EBERT SUCKS” Power is running for EAVP. And for Student Advocate there are three students running independently; Kurt "Innovative Design" Pham, Kelly "Endorsed By CS and SA" Fabian, and Arezu Aghaseyedjavadi. Additionally, ten students are running for Senate as Independent.

Now that you know a little bit about the different parties and who is running for the executive positions, you should vote! You can cast your votes from 9:00 AM on April 6th to 11:59 PM on April 8th. You can vote
online or at various polling booths around campus. And heads up, if you plan on voting online, you cannot use AirBears.

Also, while the next two weeks of campaigning will be hectic, it’s also lots of fun and there are loads of free stuff. Keep your eyes out for free t-shirts and pins because the
DIY projects are limitless! Represent your favorite candidate fashionably as you decorate your backpack and transform a campaign shirt into a masterpiece – I know I will.

Miraya Berke
BARE Reporter


  1. thanks for the breakdown! i didn't know some of these parties existed! you should introduce some of the most stylish candidates!

  2. lets all base our voting decisions on style and not qualifications!

  3. calserve has style and qualifications.

    franco has a fro and a cool campaign shirt.

    sa has style but blank stares.

    squelch has humor.

  4. the previous is obv calserve. ha

  5. i don't think bare is suggesting that we base our votes on style, especially since this post is introductory. if someone actually cares about who gets elected, they will do the research on the candidate's literature