Bay Area Dogs Gone GaGa

Lady Gaga, is that you?

Those who can't get enough of fashion generally can't get enough of Lady Gaga. Even in Berkeley, Lady Gaga has become a phenomenon that no one can escape. This is why "
The Doggie Gaga Project" makes me so happy. Not only do I love fashion and Lady Gaga, but I love puppies (I often am scolded by my friends when I refer to a fully grown Great Dane as "puppy"). The Doggie Gaga Project is the brainchild of San Francisco based photographer Jessie Freidin. His specialty is to photograph dogs and this could not make me any happier. Given access to a pack of Polaroid film and 5 puppies, he photographed some of Gaga's most infamous outfits modeled on dogs.

A new take on a Gaga classic.

This outfit looks familiar. All images courtesy of Jesse Freidin.

There isn't much else to say as the work speaks--barks--for itself, but if you are interested in getting your puppy photographed, contact Freidin through his

Jordan Silver
Creative Director


  1. Puuuuuuuuppy! This is really cute!
    Gaga and puppies <3

  2. This is so funny. Good find Jordan. Made me laugh!