Cal Street Style :: Franco

While lounging on Memorial Glade in the beautiful sunshine of spring break, I spotted Senator Christopher Franco cruising by on his hip specialized Allez bike. Despite the warm temperature, Franco maintains his signature look of a blazer. If you ever notice Franco around campus, you will most likely see him in a blazer, which makes sense because apparently he owns six! Today he matches his black Calvin Klein blazer with an ASUC t-shirt, black jeans, and patent leather slip-ons. The blazer, a classic piece, perfectly compliments Franco's permanent accessory - his fro, which seems to be at its full fluffiness. Who says politicians can't be stylish?

Miraya Berke
BARE Reporter


  1. Chris you look awesome! The photography of this photo is extraordinary. Love the texture of the grass. And that smile! Yay for Springtime, great look and photo!

  2. I don't know you, but I know who you are and your work in the ASUC. I'm really glad there is independent senators because I really feel like you were able to accomplish a lot more than the other senators. You don't have the pressure of pleasing others. Keep up the good work, and I'm definitely voting for you for EVP. Can't wait to see what you do. Even if you don't get the position, I'm sure you'll do amazing things. You got my vote, and like so many of my friends' vote also. Bye. hehe.