Cal Street Style :: PLAYgreen

In continuation with our coverage of the PLAYgreen Festival, here are a few students who brought style to the eco-friendly event.

Lizeth proudly holds a reusable bag on her arm, while Norman shows off his well-tailored vest. Photography by Catalina Saldivia.

It seems like the skirts for men trend is catching on. However, Myles and Samantha choose to opt for skinny jeans and a grayscale palette instead. Photographs by Simone Anne Lang (left) and Catalina Saldivia.

Nate wears a chunky knitted scarf with a matching pair of pants, while golden studs make an unexpected appearance on a pair of denim cut-offs. Photography by Catalina Saldivia.

Brittany Curran
Blog Editor

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  1. This is awesome, seems like everyone had a really great time!