Do-It-Yourself Bangs

Want to change your look without breaking the bank? Adding bangs to your 'do may be just what you're looking for. Here are a few tips on how you can do this yourself. Before you begin cutting your hair, determine what kind of bangs would look good with your face shape.

Actress Katie Holmes accentuates her simple bob with a classic fringe. Image source.

Classic, blunt bangs are good with heart-shaped and inverted triangular face shapes. They will soften sharp facial features, like pointy chins.

Super-short bangs look good with oval and some round face shapes. Emphasis on "some."

Grammy Winner Taylor Swift balances her diamond face shape with her angled bangs. Image source.

Angled bangs are good with round and diamond face shapes.

Eva Longoria Parker's side-swept bangs. Image source.

Side-swept bangs suit every face shape.

Now that you know your face shape, here is the how-to guide for side-swept and angled bangs.
  1. Use a pair of sharp scissors that are specifically made for cutting hair. (Although normal scissors will also work, they may damage your hair a bit. Don't use razors.)
  2. Comb down the hair that you'd like to cut, which usually lies about 2-3 inches from your hairline. Don't wet your hair because it will be shorter once it dries.
  3. Position your scissors below your eyebrows and slowly cut vertically in small, choppy pieces. Shape your hair in whichever style you'd like.
  4. Repeat Step 3 until you're satisfied.
Note: if you're going for blunt bangs, you have to slow cut your hair horizontally, just below your eyebrows. Make sure that you don't just do it in one go or you'll regret it.

Most importantly of all, be creative and use your bangs to express yourself.

Ping Sicoravit
BARE Reporter

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