Levi's Cords by Opening Ceremony

Image courtesy of Levi's.

If you haven't already seen the
Levi's Cords by Opening Ceremony collaboration in San Francisco, than I suggest you get your butt on down to Union Square to check it out. Prepare to be greeted by corduroy, corduroy, and more corduroy, in an array of hues ranging from bright jewel tones of turquoise, emerald green, and ruby, to more muted shades of lavender, mustard, and dusty rose. The collection combines the all-American ruggedness that Levi's is famous for with the quirky, whimsical style of Opening Ceremony. (Unusual collaborations are nothing new to the latter brand, which has previously collaborated with director Spike Jonze on a collection inspired by his movie Where the Wild Things Are).

The collection keeps the simple style of the Levi's classics, but gives them a fresh twist for spring. As the sign at the door reads, the collection was "inspired by summer in the city and weekend escapes to Upstate New York." It includes a classic shrunken trucker jacket, straight-leg pants (both in full-length style and a cut-off shorts version), and a unisex button-up shirt, all re-done in colorful corduroy. The designs were nothing groundbreaking, but I loved the colors, and I would definitely stock up on the comfy button-ups and the cut-off shorts. The pieces in this collection are absolutely perfect for crisp spring days and lazy summertime activities, whether it be playing a game of touch-football at the park, bicycling through the city, taking a hike, or just lounging around outside.

Image courtesy of Opening Ceremony.

Levi's creatively arranged the bottom floor of their three-story flagship store to take shoppers on a little adventure through what I imagine a world would look like if everyone took to the great outdoors in style. Tables are piled high with colorful corduroy, as well as gorgeous photography-filled books, ecofriendly waterbottles, and candles, all in coordinated colors and sporting a playful smiley face that appears throughout the exhibit. Mannequins in the exhibit are engaged in ourdoorsy activities such as running and swinging on a tire swing, and dressed for everything from hiking to sailing a boat. My favorite part of the exhibit was a display of a campsite, complete with a treehouse, a camp fire, and inexplicably, a giant red ladybug. The campers (decked out in corduroy, of course) include a bearded guy in braided leather sandals, a guy with fringed moccasins and a feather headband, and a little boy sitting atop the treehouse, triumphantly waving a flag bearing the smiley face logo.

A few photos from the transformed flagship store in San Francisco. Images courtesy of Opening Ceremony.

Leaving the exhibit, I spotted a shirt that read, "And if the people stare then the people stare." And stare they will if you sport some of these sweet cords. And then they'll probably beg to know where you buy your clothes.

Elizabeth Maxim
BARE Reporter

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  1. i need to go to this. even if i don't like the collaboration, the pop up reminds me of the OC in LA. i miss it!