(My) New York Fashion Week :: February 12-13

PR-Events Director Seika Iwao continues recounting her time at New York Fashion Week.

Friday, February 12
9am. After a long night of fun (and jet lag…), I can barely stand up straight without feeling nauseous. There’s no way I’m making it to

12p. I arrive at the tents with Nancy. She’s going to the
Yigal Azrouel show and I’m seeing Michael Angel. When it’s time to check in, for reasons unbeknownst to me, my name is not on the list and the PR girl won’t give me standing. I am equal parts bummed and relieved. On one hand, if I get standing I get to watch the show. On the other hand, if I get standing I might be forced to introduce the rest of the group to the bagel I could barely stomach earlier. I spend the rest of my day seated near the Mercedes on display, drinking the free bottle of O.N.E. water until I feel better.

3p. I finally make it to Chelsea for
Risto, my first show of the day.

A few looks from the Risto show. Images courtesy of Risto (1 & 2).

The old-world of hand-knitting and quilting collide with digital prints and "New New Age" silhouettes at the Risto show. Inspired by artist Nicola Sassoon and his pixilated landscapes, delicate knits are paired with bold prints on just about everything. The last few looks emphasize the quality of Risto’s knits with exaggerated black garments.

6p. Between Risto and my next show, I kill time and rest my tired feet at a nearby Starbucks. I walk to
Milk Studios to see Frank Tell.

A few looks from the Frank Tell show. Images courtesy of New York Magazine.

"Barbarian Barbarella" is sci-fi meets tribal, without the gimmicky references of either. The collection featured monochrome looks, structural dresses and jackets with dreamy knits, and sky-high platforms with slits reminiscent of crescent moons. The attention to draping adds an extra bit of magic to the collection. It was feminine not fussy and brave not bulky. It’s, for lack of a better word, cool and women will look good wearing it. (True story: Out of all the shows I attended this was my favorite. I almost cried because I was so happy to see this collection up close. I love Frank Tell!)

After Frank Tell, other studios were open for presentations including
Tim Hamilton’s diffusion line, Redux.

Tim Hamilton's Redux presentation. Images courtesy of The Fader.

9p. Nancy and I are trying to go to sleep early. We need to get the necessary z's for tomorrow’s big day.

Saturday, February 13
Disclaimer: Most of the day’s events will be covered in the upcoming issue of BARE Magazine. Hint: It will include a lot of your favorite bloggers.)

3p. Somehow, even after getting lost in Soho, I make to the
Karen Walker show at the Altman Building in time.

Four looks from Karen Walker. Images courtesy of New York Magazine.

Sweet, innocent, flirty, and even ironic, Karen Walker recalls the prep girl off-duty. This girl wears velvet and an ominous brown floral print that takes her back to her grandmother’s crusty couch. Yet it’s really hard to disagree with the knee-high wool socks, patent leather pumps in baby pink, beige, and black, and printed skirts and dresses. She may be comforted by a warm piece of baklava during cold weather, but I doubt the "couch" suit will do much good for her social life. Walker does best when she mixes the printed pieces with the simpler structural jackets, coats, and skirts.

Lessons learned: 1) Drink the free water. Take some home. 2) Bring an extra pair of shoes for downtime. 3) One great show can make the week worth it.

Seika Iwao
PR-Events Director


  1. YESSS!! Take the free water! But not the coconut water. Impress the friends you're staying with with the fancy "fashion" water. Haha.

  2. Loving reading about your experience Seika!! <3