Playing at PLAYgreen

Clockwise from top left: 1. students get their ice cream fix; 2. Designer Audrey Acosta; 3. eco-friendly smiles; 4. Anvil's t-shirt booth. Photography by Catalina Saldivia (1, 3) and Simone Anne Lang (2, 4).

The second annual PLAYgreen Festival showed Berkeley students how truly effortless and fun it can be to be eco-friendly. From food, to shopping, to new businesses, every organization present emphasized the need for using recycled or reused products to maintain a healthy environment. Not only were businesses from the community involved in this event, but your very own BARE Public Relations team held a fashion show, led by Patricia Kim, featuring organic clothing by Audrey Acosta and reused clothing from Buffalo Exchange on Telegraph.

Mayhem backstage at BARE's runway show. Photography by Kathy Nguyen.

Although everything seemed peachy-keen as the ten Berkeley models strutted their stuff down the runway, behind the scenes wasn’t so seamless. Road blocks presented themselves right from the get go—every room in the MLK Jr. Student Union was occupied by other organizations and, as a result, the whole team had to overcome a girl’s worst nightmare—organizing a fashion show and changing via public restroom. With alterations in outfits and order of models, backstage was as hectic as all runway shows. Clothes were flying everywhere, make up brushes were hard at work, and accessories were perfected by Editor-in-Chief John Kim and the rest of the team. Finally, as the outcome of all the hard work, the girls worked the show to Beyonc
é in Audrey Acosta’s colorful, hippie-inspired printed dresses that flowed with the air, intermixed with eclectic pieces from Buffalo Exchange. Not only did the girls look fabulous in their pieces, most importantly, all the clothes were either made from organic material or reused. Thanks to our team, we hopefully opened a few eyes to see how incredible helping the environment can look.

A few looks from the BARE show. Photography by Kathy Nguyen.

Although that was personally the highlight to the PLAYgreen Festival, there were numerous organizations that supported environmentally-friendly lifestyles. One of those businesses included
Rentalic, which endorses reusing objects that aren't used that often by renting them out to other members of the community for a small price. Nick and David, the founders of the business, stress the idea that people have objects, such as snow chains, that just sit in the garage for months at a time unused. Instead of having other people go out to buy new items, members of the community can rent these objects and return them when they're done. Everything from snow pants to baby rockers and anything in between can be exchanged. This builds strong community ties and emphasizes sustainable resources.

Clockwise from top left: 1. ASUC Sustainability Team; 2. our lovely booth; 3. Cal Environmental Team; 4. ASUC Art Studio. Photography by Catalina Saldivia (1-3) and Simone Anne Lang (4).

Me to We Style clothing company creates a fun way to keep the ecosystem healthy. With a booth full of screen-printed tees, the company is completely free of sweatshop manufacturing as well as uses environmentally-friendly materials in their clothing. They also donate 50% of their proceeds to Free the Children, an organization that sets up means of education in 45 countries. The company lets you to express your creativity by allowing you to design your own t-shirt print. The company then plants a tree for every tee that you purchase. How much more eco-friendly can you get than that?

Clockwise from top left: 1. Saturn Cafe; 2. Theo Chocolate; 3. Whole Foods Market; 4. Ben & Jerry's lovin'. Photography by Catalina Saldivia (1-3) and Simone Anne Lang (4).

With everything from clothing to food to new inventions, the
PLAYgreen Festival exhibited the essence of the Berkeley organic and reused community. It also offered opportunities for new businesses such as Saturn Café, a vegan and vegetarian diner-style restaurant hoping to open within walking distance of campus. The festival offered massages, free samples from local groceries, and new ideas in how to aid the ecosystem. Eco-friendly has never been so innovative.

Amaris Montes
BARE Reporter


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