RACE: Are We So Different?

Just one of the many questions asked at the RACE exhibit at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

My journey up to the Lawrence Hall of Science, which sits in the Berkeley Hills just above the Botanical Gardens and our famous Cal Stadium, took me past countless roll-call lines of squealing elementary school kids into a surprisingly intellectual science exhibit. My forays into anything labeled scientific are few and far between but the
RACE: Are We So Different? Exhibit makes science personal.

Developed by the American Anthropological Association, RACE presents a view of cultural and ethnic history that allows the viewer to draw their own conclusions about race, how it is defined and how it manifests itself in our everyday lives. From an interactive station prompting the viewer to listen to random voices and assign them to a race (almost all of which I got wrong) to world maps with all types of buttons and lights indicating human migration, the exhibit makes the viewer the subject. Like the recent UCB and UC-wide protests regarding race and misconception, the exhibit certainly emphasizes the importance of thinking about race critically and personally. Here are a few photos of the exhibit:

Decisions, decisions: the exhibit was very interactive. The viewer often became part of the exhibit.

A wall was lined with several photos like the one above.

This is another question posed at the exhibit.

High-blood pressure and racism explored. Photography by the author.

Entry to the museum is free with your handy Cal 1 Card and the exhibit will remain until May 2, 2010. Lawrence Hall of Science is open everyday from 10am to 5pm and even has nightlife activities to satisfy the science nerd in all of you.

Marissa Rosemblat
BARE Reporter

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  1. What a great article you wrote Miss Marissa Rosemblat. I am truly impressed...The photos make it even more amazing.