Restaurant Review :: Elmwood Café

Elmwood Café is located at 2900 College Avenue.

Most of us don’t find the need to venture past Dwight, unless it’s for grocery shopping or the occasional Ici indulge. But there’s been a new addition to the Elmwood area that gives us more than enough reason to take the 51 bus ride. On the corner of College and Russell, the Elmwood Café opened its doors this past Sunday to the benefit of students and residents alike.

Signs of preservation of the old parlor can be seen from the sign (previous image) and woodwork (above).

This new hangout spot is, however, nothing new. Prior, 2900 College Avenue had been the home of Ozzie’s Soda Fountain. (Remember, those old shops where guys and dolls came to converse around a soda fountain back in the day?) Owner Rachel Ericsen made sure to maintain the integrity of that historic parlor. Great lengths were taken to preserve the iconic red stools and original woodwork to pay homage to its 1950’s roots.

Customers have the option of sitting at a counter on bar stools (above) or along a wall of chairs and tables (below).

Yes, the décor is nice (I especially love the marble accents), but how is the food? How about a little food porn to ease your decision?

Salad and tea. What a perfect combination!

Like much of the Berkeley food movement, Elmwood Café serves food made mostly from local and organic ingredients. Though it is a little expensive for everyday meals, the creative pastries are definitely worth the splurge.

How could you resist kumquat coffeecake?

Most surprising was Elmwood Café’s dedication to give back, something you rarely see in a business. Half of their profits go to charitable causes. They give customers the choice of where want their money to go. We sure hope it’s a fashionable organization.

Owner Rachel Ericsen gives us a quick pose. Images courtesy of the author.

Elmwood Café is a great and befitting addition to the neighborhood. Among the four other coffee shops in the vicinity, we’re sure none of the others have the charm and great intentions to compare.

Elmwood Café is located on 2900 College Ave on Russell St. They are open from 7 AM – 10 PM; 7 days a week.

John Kim

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  1. Yay BARE! Thanks for the down-low about this spot. It was packed when I drove by this morning! Hope to stop in sometime soon.