Restaurant Review :: Gather

Gather is located at 2200 Oxford at Allston.

Gather first opened, I remember walking by, thinking "What an odd name for a restaurant." Now that I've been there, I think it's a great name to describe a place that prides itself on its sustainability and basically "gathers" everything from its organic ingredients from local farms to its recycled decor. It is even a great gathering place for both omnivores and vegetarians to eat since their rotating menu is half vegetarian (with vegan and gluten free options) and half meat and fish.

The eclectic interior features many reused materials, like the netted lights above.

The restaurant found a new use for belts in its seat cushions.

As a person who loves creative reuse, I found the interior inspiring with its seat cushions made from 450 recycled belts and lights made with nets from Thailand. Gather also has an outdoor patio, which opens in April - just in time for the warm spring days.

Baby Escarole Salad with chicken.

The lunch menu featured salads, soups, pizzas, sandwiches, and desserts. Vegan and gluten free items were marked accordingly.

I ordered a Chai Latte and half of a Baby Escarole Salad with chicken (an optional add-on) that was topped with toasted nori, breadcrumbs, and garlic lemon tahini dressing. The breadcrumbs added a crunchy texture and the nori, or seaweed, added a subtle flavor to this unique salad. But what I loved most was actually the grilled chicken that I added, which was tender and flavorful.

Roasted Leg of Lamb sandwich with Split Pea Soup.

My friend ordered a half sandwich with soup combo. The sandwich she ordered was Roasted Leg of Lamb, which had arugula, onion, mint, pesto, and aioli, and Split Pea Soup, which had fried fennel seed and almond cream. The only downside to the combo was that the Split Pea Soup was the only soup on the menu, but since the menu rotates with the seasons, that probably won't always be the case. The presentation was nice and I enjoyed looking at the colorful roasted vegetables that came with her sandwich. I tried some of the sandwich, which was a little hard to do because of the hard bread, and I mostly got a piece of meat that, like the chicken, was tender and flavorful. I also had some of her soup, which was thick and had a very smooth texture.

Sesame, chocolate chip, chocolate walnut, and pumpkin cookies with almond milk horchata.

For dessert, we had vegan "Milk and Cookies," which included sesame, chocolate chip, chocolate walnut, and pumpkin cookies served with almond milk horchata. The horchata tasted spicy from the cinnamon and was great for dipping the cookies in. The assortment was unique and I enjoyed my first pumpkin cookie, which tasted great with the horchata.

Because Gather is committed to offering only organic foods, the menu may be a tad expensive for most college students. But for environmentally-minded students, this is a sure and tasty way to support local and organic farming. Visit
Gather at 2200 Oxford Street just across from UC Berkeley for lunch (11am-2pm) or dinner (5-10pm) for a green and unique meal.

Xiaoqian Lim
BARE Reporter


  1. this seriously looks amazing. the lamb sandwich and pumpkin two favorite things :) i need to go here soon, it does seem a little pricey for us college students but i'll find a special occasion to go :)

  2. Everyday is a special day!

  3. wow.. i have been wanting to go there. I shall check it out soon!!

  4. oooh ive been wanting to check it out! lets do a BARE lunch date! heheh :)

  5. Gina, I'm up for the date! Haha

  6. I've been to Gather--for lunch--and oh my gosh, it is seriously SO GOOD. ha ha. But really, such a delicious restaurant!

  7. Omgosh, this place looks effing amazing. Yay for new restaurants in Berkeley! I will def be trying this one out very soon!

    The belt seats are absolutely awesome! What a cool diy idea.

    Finally, y'all should include prices or price ranges on your restaurant reviews - just a tip!

    This review is fantastic. Thanks for recommending this spot!

  8. Very inspiring place to eat. It's great to see a restaurant pull off recycling in a very pleasing way. The food looks awesome and the decor should inspire the patrons to be more aware of waste.

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