Restaurant Review :: Sfoof's Woofle Café

Sfoof's Woofle Café is located at 2554 Bancroft Way between Telegraph and Bowditch.

Waffles have made a gourmet comeback in the form of woofles, Hoda of
Sfoof’s Woofle Café's take on the American breakfast staple. They are served with a motley of unique ingredients that beat your ordinary Belgium waffle in taste any day.

Craving something savory? Sink your teeth into the Arabian Nights woofle.

A top seller, the Arabian Nights woofle has been infused with olives, feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers and zaatar topping. A savory palate’s dream come true, the flavor-blasted woofle is definitely a mouthful.

Do not fear, fellow sweet tooths: a sweet woofle sensation is near. Here is a customer-made woofle comprised of bananas, walnuts, coconut cream and Fruity Pebbles. Named after its creator, the “Wisenburger” woofle is a sweet treat.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a Wisenburger woofle.

The Wisenburger woofle brings to light the fun, customer-oriented service that is highly valued at Sfoof’s. In an effort to cater to individual consumers, the “Design your Woofle” contest gives customers an opportunity to submit their favorite woofle concoction to be featured on the menu for the week.

Ever wanted to have a dish named after you? Now's your chance. Just enter Sfoof's "Design Your Woofle" contest.

Sfoof’s Woofle Pups also take a stand in this waffle revolution. These pups are made of either corn dogs or mozzarella sticks, wrapped in woofles. A healthy alternative to their fried predecessors, these woofle pups are finding their niche amongst increasingly health-conscious consumers.

The menu extends to include paninis, soups, salads, and a variety of Middle Eastern baked goods. Emphasizing their use of fresh ingredients with their in-house spreads, aiolis, hummus and batter, Sfoof’s is dedicated to serving up homemade goodness. Their goodies are also gluten/wheat free. Here is just a sample of the baked goods they have to offer.

Craving chocolate? These Fudge Puppies are sure to hit the spot.

The Date Maamoul is an example a traditional Middle Eastern cookie.

These Zaatar Pies are another Middle Eastern delight.

An old favorite: the chocolate-dipped Oreo cookie with festive sprinkles.

Couldn't get enough of the Date Maamoul? Try a piece of this Walnut Maamoul, too.

Hoda wields a Middle Eastern background, which is latent in the ingredients she uses in her menu and as showcased in her bakery. A fusion between Lebanese and American foods is at the heart of Hoda’s efforts to bring her personal touch to the table. Fifteen years of private catering and an all-too-timely series of events have brought Hoda to open up shop, a few doors away from the
Alphonse Berber Gallery, where her daughter works.

Sfoof's boasts an indoor balcony, perfect for woofle-eating in a more intimate atmosphere. Photography by the author.

The balcony seating is a cozy and peaceful alternative to have a bite with your friends and chat over some Turkish Coffee with Cardamom.

So, what’s in your Woofle?

Shelly Park
BARE Reporter


  1. oh. my. god. i MUST go here!!!!!!!!!

  2. thank you i deff will check this out!

  3. Thank you for solving the mystery for me! This sounds a-mazing! And likely the only place in the city that I can find zaatar (miss it so much!). Glad there's a new place to try, after four years I've been running out of Berkeley eateries to visit.

  4. So good! Love it.

  5. I can't wait to go. This food looks amazing, my mouth is watering just looking at the pictures. Thanks for this post!

  6. This looks fantastic! What a deliciously great idea. Thanks for this post!

  7. OMG those woofles or what nots look devine!

  8. i totally need to have a woofle named after me. i wonder if i could bribe them....or a woofle named after BARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. OH. MY. GOD.
    I want to put it all in my mouth right now! See you all there...

  10. There is something for everyone at Sfoof's. I enjoyed delicious lentil soup, my teenager started with a chili woofle, then moved on to a corn pup and finished off with a hush puppy, or woffle dipped in chocolate with sprinkles. He enjoyed every mouthful. As did his friend who joined him in three mouthwatering 'courses'. Well worth the visit!