Sparkling Quirkiness :: Swarovski's Alice in Wonderland Jewelry

Swarovski's Alice in Wonderland inspired jewelry line. Images courtesy of Swarovski.

Inspired by Tim Burton’s
Alice in Wonderland, Swarovski has designed an entire line of jewelry to commemorate the film. It features pieces inspired by the flower garden, Mad Hatter, tea party, and White Rabbit. Some pieces are silly and fun, like the tea party ones that feature delicious and crystal-accented treats. I was quite nostalgic upon seeing the flower garden pieces, which are wonderfully chic (the flower garden pendant would look amazing with an LBD) yet look like something that could have come out of my kindergarten coloring book. The Red Queen would definitely be “off her head” for her pieces that feature the heart-inside-a-heart design adorned with vibrant red crystals. There is definitely something for every fan who has ever dared to travel down the rabbit hole.

Danielle Ciappara
BARE Reporter

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