Spring Hair Trend :: The Short Black Haircut

Celebs take on the short 'do. From left: Halle Berry's slightly long pixie crop with long fringe; Victoria Beckham's pixie with short fringe; Rihanna, the queen of both the pixie and all hairstyles. Image sources: 1, 2, 3.

So far I have been telling you all about the long hair styles and trends of Spring 2010 (see exhibits
A, B and C). Today's post is dedicated to you girls who already love or want to experiment with short hair. The trend is the short black haircut. Whether it is a pixie crop or a bob with fringe or without, it should be black. I will tell you more about the pixie crop specifically because it's a great look for 2010.

Keep in mind that the pixie cut takes a lot of guts. It looks best with slightly wavy hair on an oval, square or heart-shaped face. Here are some tips for when you make your way over to your hairdresser:
  1. Ask for a short, soft and wispy-layered cut.
  2. Play with the fringe and remember to have fun with it. Although the pixie crop does not have to sport a short fringe, you can ask for a very short fringe or a longer, side-swept fringe that covers one of your brows.
  3. Another fun tip is to shape the hair at the nape of your neck the way you like.
Honestly, there is no good do-it-yourself way for this cut; trust your hairdresser. Style your new 'do the way you like with wax or pomade on dry hair (make sure your hair is dry so it doesn't clump). Then, sculpt it, spike it, and make it funky. Use a little hairspray so that your hair remains in shape.

Ping Sicoravit
BARE Reporter