Thrift Store Review :: The Cellar Thrift Shop

The Cellar Thrift Shop is located on the corner of Channing and Dana.

Although the store is small and only open two days a week, it is indeed a real thrift shop with super cheap prices and some really great finds. Located just one block away from Unit 3 and connected to the First Congregational Church, the
Cellar Thrift Shop can be easily passed by. Walk down the steps and you will enter a quaint shop filled with knick-knacks, furniture, accessories, clothes, books, and records. Run by volunteers, the shop sells donated items to benefit the outreach work of the church, supporting organizations such as the East Bay Sanctuary Covenant and the UCC Coalition for LGBT concerns for 25 years.

One rack of clothes where you're sure to encounter some interesting finds.

We asked the volunteers if many students shop at Cellar Thrift Shop and they said some, but not too many. This is a surprise considering all the cheap deals: you can find so many items for less than $1. There is a whole selection of belts for 50 cents, records for 50 cents, 10 cent vintage sewing patterns, $1 ties, and books and movies for around 50 or 75 cents. There is even a “special today” 25 cent item table that is very popular. While there are not too many clothes in the shop – only three racks – there is a nice selection of cheap items. Only long dresses and more conservative clothing are available. Outside are piles of free clothes and books, which are added to regularly. So you can go shopping without spending a cent!

Just one of the ways you can save a bundle at this thrift store.

While the store only accepts cash, they offer a great system where customers can put items on hold for a week. So if you find something you love but do not have any cash, just put it on hold and pick it up a week later. They are always looking for more donations, so if you have some old items you do not need anymore and are in the mood of giving, drop them off at the shop. They put out new items on Tuesday and there is always a line of customers on Wednesday mornings before 10am, eager to check out the latest items. If you are a thrifting pro and aren’t afraid to battle a crowd, Wednesday mornings are the time for you to shop. But even if you go on a Saturday afternoon, there will still be many deals awaiting you.

Books range from only 50 to 75 cents. If only textbooks cost the same.

Belts go for only 50 cents; quite a deal. Photography by the authors.

What Miraya liked/disliked most:
- 50 cent belts (I bought two!)
- Awesome purses (I found a sweet $3 vintage handbag)
- The vintage patterns were really cool, if only I could sew…

What Xiaoqian liked/disliked most:
- Cheap accessories
- All proceeds donated to help support various organizations
- Small show selection, but had some good quality vintage heels

Cellar Thrift Shop is located at 2345 Channing Way, between Dana and Ellsworth. They're open Wednesday 10am – 4pm and Saturday 10am – 2pm.

Miraya Berke & Xiaoqian Lim
BARE Reporters


  1. really eyeing that brown braided belt

  2. I was in Malawi the summer before last and in the middle of nowhere met a CAL student/Peace Corp volunteer who had shopped at the Cellar Thrift Shop. (We happened to make this connection since I am a member of the church where the Shop is located.)

  3. Always wondered what that was.... haha thanx!