ASUC's Eco Styles Fashion Show

ASUC hosted an Eco Styles fashion show in the Pauley Ballroom on Monday, April 12th in the spirit of Global Outreach Week. The tagline was, "Green is the new Black." The fashion show worked towards ways to preserve the planet through the recycling of fabrics, the use of organic materials and other sustainable ways to support fashion and our addictions to shopping. It featured looks from local Berkeley boutiques such as Sway, A&D, Urbanity and Buffalo Exchange and student designers Amelia Silverwood and Kacey Anderson.

The show commenced with a contribution from the Berkeley boutique Sway. The store cycles new styles every two weeks, and displayed an arrangement of summer fashions full of patterns and prints, and of funky, cool, feminine chic. Next was A&D, which offers more business casual clothing, especially for any student looking for something summer intern appropriate. This family-owned business has a very flirty style with fun business chic flare. Buffalo Exchange is a college campus essential; you can never beat the sweet deals and the hidden treasures you could find in this store. They displayed looks from fun summer wear to the ever-prevalent staple outfit of jeans and a tee. Urbanity started out with some fun flirty pieces as well. The pieces included more eclectic vintage look of funky patterns and bold prints.

Student designer Amelia Silverwood took a whole new spin to the mini dress. Her show started off with a converted Coca-Cola mini dress, and her pieces included everything from recycled denim to organic cotton. Kacey Anderson described her style as the modern prairie girl and she delivered some fresh pieces. I loved the eclectic mix of patterns and prints, and the use of design and silhouettes to create a modern look to a classic conventional dress.

All photography by Albert Treat.

By spreading awareness about eco-friendly clothing and materials, the Eco Styles show emphasized the need to become a more conscious shopper and knowing where your clothes come from.

Parris McKenley
BARE Reporter


  1. The quality of the pictures are very poor. They are very blurry and the models aren't well lit. I would expect better from Bare.

  2. Well Either way, I think this article was really good.

    Written well, Can't wait to hear more from this Parris Mckenley!